Dok2 Think Twice | New singles amid bad rumors

Dok2 release new single Think Twice, this track got lot of negative response in south korea news media. Amid Bad rumors, Dok2 keep moving forward.

Dok2 Rumors

Dok2 rumors is the top news on South Korea media, every media try to fill their take among Dok2 parents fraud controversy, even when the issue already resolve peacefully. Dok2 release new track when the heat is still high, many netizen give negative comment but we support his decision because this is how hip hop artist should address an issue, with music.

We won’t go deep into Dok2 new song lyrics that get many negative reaction by South Korea news media, we gonna discuss his music where he still the young king young boss.

Dok2 think twice audio

Dok2 show his sincere emotion in this track. You don’t need to understand korea language/hangul to feel his emotion when he make this track. Especially when the track is going to end on 3:45, the music fade out while Dok2 keep rapping acapella.



We hope all the bad rumors about Dok2 stops, we should focus more on his works & music especially when he gonna appear on MBC ‘Kill Bill’ in a few months.



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