Loco Hwasa & Woogie win MMA 2018 Hot Trend Awards!!

Loco Hwasa of Mamamoo & Woogie win MMA 2018 Best Hot Trend Awards for their collaboration track ‘Jujima’. Congratulation !!!!

Loco hwasa

Loco Hwasa & Woogie receive an award on Melon Music Awards 2018. The trio got the ‘Hot Trend’ Awards for their collaboration in the hit track ‘Jujima’ which top the Korea music Chart for a long time.


Here’s 3 of them receiving the awards on Melon Music Awards 2018

This collaboration happened on the last episode of Hyena On The Keyboard (If you haven’t watch it you miss a lot of fun!). The track become one of the most popular tracks in South korea for few months, Topping the chart and achieve PAK (Perfect All Kill) many times.

Loco Hwasa really have a great chemistry, Both of them attend as special guest of each other concert. Hwasa come to Loco ‘Locomotive’ Concert as special guests, & vice versa as Loco also come to Mamamoo Concert.

Loco came as a guest for Mamamoo Concert

Don’t forget about producer Woogie who made all of this possible. Producer Woogie of H1GHRMUSIC is the one who made the beats for their hit track ‘Jujima’. They actually working in Woogie studio for the tracks as you probably remember on Hyena of the Keyboard 7th episode.



Once again congratulation to 3 of them !!! I honestly glad that Loco glad an award before he going to military later next year.


What do you think of Loco Hwasa & Woogie winning the award ?? Leave your comments below !!