Loco Gray Late Night | Happy Fun track with AOMG Minion

Loco Gray Late Night. Gray & Loco have a new track called late night !! The track is a fun track you can jam with. The MV is also so cute because there’s several of their AOMG friends helping with the MV .

Loco Gray Late Night

Loco Gray Late Night is not necessarily new track, they already give a teaser of it few months ago & actually already perform the songs many times on events/concerts.

Late Night reviews

The Late Night MV is released yesterday, there’s a several fun stuff inside the MV. Loco living in a miniature room, Gray visual & their chemistry. But the most important thing in this MV is the appearance of AOMG Minion who disturb Loco. Wonjae, Code kunst, Elo & DJ Wegun really steal the scene in this MV


Loco Gray Late Night MV

The lyrics to this track is witty & catchy. Here some of the fun lyrics i found
Loco lyrics in ‘Late Night’
“Lying in front of TV & kills time , I got nobody to meet, even lesser than Park Jun Won (pH-1)”

This is when Loco make witty lyrics that everyone who follow Korea hiphop scene understand. It’s a tribute to pH-1 famous track ‘Homebody’.

Another Lyrics in ‘Late Night’
Must be hungry at this time, Aren’t you curious about my Stir Fried Octopus ??
This is a reference to Simon Dominic appearance on I Live Alone. When he order Stir Fried Octopus in Loco house.


Gray hook is also really catchy & make you jump around when you listen on it on the stage. “LATE NIGHT LATE NIGHT UUU LATE NIGHT LATE NIGHT UUU”. Unless if it’s an ASMR version it’s gonna be an different story.

This track add one more of Loco track that we gonna look back later when Loco go to military . It’s still 4 months from now so Let’s hope we got more track from Loco before he say farewell for quite some time.


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