Entertainer Rapper | 10 fun Rapper you saw on TV 2018

Entertainer Rapper. Rapper sometimes have the most unique & Fun personality. These 10 rappers always bring a laughter to the viewers.

Entertainer Rapper

Entertainer Rapper. these 10 rapper make your daily life more fun by appearing on TV.


Simon Dominic

One of the most famous TV appearance of 2018 is Simon Dominic. Simon Dominic already popular when he’s making a comeback, but he reach a mainstream popularity after appearing on ‘I Live Alone’. Ssamd episode of I Live alone have one of the g

Ssamd become a semi permanent cast of I Live alone for a few months until he decide to focus more on his music activities. He appear recently on SBS ‘The Fan’ and introduce his friend Elo as a contestant.

IG : @Longlivesmdc



Yes defconn is a rapper, not was. Defconn still active musically even though he’s on TV every single week. Defconn still active as a rapper & release new track every now and then. His track popularity is not as popular as his TV appearance but still he’s a rapper at heart.

Yoo DaejunĀ  music career never took off, he have a hard times & take a part time jobs on broadcasting system. Become a cameo every now and then. His luck really change when he appear on Infinity challenge a few times & land a job with Jung Hyungdon as Weekly Idol host.


Microdot is one of the most successful entertainer Rapper of 2018, until the scandal happen, his parent fraud scandal.

Microdot become the permanent cast of more than 5 TV shows this year:
– ‘City Fisherman’
– ‘Pocha Without Borders’
– ‘Delicious Storrytelling’
– ‘Visiting Teacher’
– ‘
Kind Knights’

And also guest appearance on lots of TV shows. It’s too sad that his parent fraud scandal make Microdot need to resign from all of those TV shows. He’s really talented as an entertainer.

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