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pH-1 release Staying, This is pH-1 first comeback since his appearance on SMTM 777. Psst it also include pH-1 homebody full version.

pH-1 release Staying

pH-1 Homebody Few days ago, pH-1 release a single album titled ‘Staying’. The two tracks inside is produced by his close friend Thurxday/Mokyo;.

pH-1 ‘Staying’ tracklist
-- Flaker prod by Thurxday
-- Homebody prod by Thurxday

The first & title track of pH-1 single album ‘Staying’ is a song called ‘Flaker’ produced by Thurxday. The track have the perfect vibe for this season. Thurxday & pH-1 always make a perfect combo, no different this time. It’s nice to see pH-1 coming back with a track that still have his flavor even after going quite far on SMTM 777.

pH-1 ‘Flaker’ MV

The visual for The MV for ‘Flaker’ is easy to the eyes. I still wondering what is the guy with full of bandage doing in the middle but it’s a question i save for Harry in the future. pH-1 is also adding some cute dance move in the MV, Will he perform it in the stage later ?? Let’s wait & See ~

Second track is the track we all know from pH-1 i’m a homebody yea i’m a homebody yea i meet nobody cuz i’m a homebody yea i’m a homebody yea“. Ph-1 Homebody got popular since harry use it on SMTM 777 2nd round, one of the best performance on the round. Homebody is such an iconic track i glad it got a full version release.


ph-1 Homebody on SMTM 777

The track ‘Homebody’ on pH-1 ‘Staying’ single album is the refined & Full version of the one he perform on SMTM 777. It have different vibes & better quality than the SMTM 777 version so i suggest try listen to this one.

Listen & Purchase pH-1 ‘Staying’ on Melon, Genie, Naver & Bugs

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