Microdot Hiatus | Parents fraud issue from 20 years ago

Microdot TV Hiatus. Microdot decide to take a hiatus from all television program. This comes after his parents fraud issue become more severe.

Microdot Hiatus

Microdot Hiatus. “Microdot decide to suspend all broadcasting activities & resign from his position as the cast of tv shows” That’s the sentence of Microdot press conference, it’s not shocking because it’s been a week since Microdot parents fraud issue that happened 20 years ago become one of the biggest news in South Korea news outlets.

Microdot is one of the busiest rapper in Television industry, 3 TV show have Microdot as a regular cast every week, not including guest appearance on other TV programs. He also busy on Radio shows & still performing at concerts every now & then.

Microdot fishing

Microdot is regular on Channel A ‘The Fisherman & The City’, JTBC ‘Come To See Me’, TvN ‘Borderless food Cart ‘. He will stopping appearing in that broadcast for the time being.

Microdot feat Jung Eunji teaser, never release because Microdot Hiatus

Microdot still working on Music, he already give a teaser of his comeback with Jung Eunji of A-Pink. There’s no news about that, but it suppose to be release today on 25th of November yet it still haven’t out yet.



Microdot Thinking About you feat Chancellor & Jiselle

We hope Microdot parents fraud issue could be resolved soon so Microdot can go back in Television & Making music. It’s really a waste of talent. Especially when Microdot is really making a good progress as TV personality & entertainer this year.



What do you think of Microdot Hiatus from Television ?? Will you miss him catching the fish every week? Leave your comments below !

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