Woo Wonjae af EP | Wonjae hard work pays off

Woo Wonjae af EP. Woo wonjae release a new EP consist of 7 tracks. The tracks featured several atist & produced by Wonjae friends. Here’s the review

Woo Wonjae ep

Woo Wonjae af EP release. It’s a deep EP consist of 7 tracks. Wonjae really give him all for this EP, it takes a whole year for him to complete this EP.

Here the tracklist of Woo Wonjae af EP
– I Love You prod by Terim
– Hashtag feat The quiett prod Code Kunst
– Phone feat Hoody prod Peejay
– a Fence prod by GRAY
– Cash prod by Terim
– Noise feat Justhis & Chloe Devita
– Home


Wonjae actually already pre released the track ‘Cash’ a week ago as a single. This track is produced by Wonjae longtime friend Terim, who also produce Wonjae ‘Paranoid’ tracks.

Wonjae ‘Cash’ MV

Cash have a deep story & unique music style, Terim who specialize in new-age type of beat really brings Wonjae emotion out in this track. The MV also one of a kind, where contemporary dancer Kim Seoljin (you probably knows him from Infinity Challenge, Lee Hyori comeback episode) also help by Bring a unique dance to the MV.

The title track of this EP is ‘A Fence’ produced by his AOMG hyung GRAY (you can heard the gray whisper in the intro). Furthermore, the MV shooting¬† take place at Mongolia (wonjae went there few months ago if you remember)

Wonjae ‘A fence’ MV

Equally important to the good music, A fence have a deep lyrics which so relate able
“Please don’t hate me now, i can’t lie
i’m imprisoned right now i can’t escape
Where you at ? Inside the Fence
I Imprisoned myself i’m not really okay”

Wonjae deep lyrics sound depressing at first, but when we dig deeper there will be a point in lives where we imprisoned ourselves from the outside world, or even from ourselves. My personal favorite from this track is actually ‘Noise’ feat Chloe Devita & Justhis. In addition of Wonjae x Justhis collaboration, Chloe Devita hook really complete the song.

Also check out Wonjae hyung Jay Park, Simon Dominic and DJ Wegun. giving an MV Reaction.of Wonjae latest track ‘A Fence’

AOMG MV Reaction to Wonjae ‘A Fence’

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