Sam Kim Sun and Moon | Collab with Zico & Crush

Sam Kim Sun & Moon Album.This album also include a the long awaited Collaboration with Zico. Let’s get into it !!

Sam Kim Sun and Moon

Sam Kim Sun and Moon album, Few weeks ago we got a news of Sam Kim x Zico collaboration & we’re ecstatic !! Yesterday. the track drop with a full album. The album have a lots of good track inside, let’s check them out.

Sam Kim Sun & Moon album tracklist :
-- Sun & Moon
-- It’s You feat Zico (TITLE)
-- Make Up feat Crush
-- Sunny Days, Summer nights
-- The One
-- Would You believe
-- Lethargy
-- If

Lets start the review

‘Sun & Moon’ have 8 tracks inside, it feature two of his best friend Crush & Zico. All the tracks have different vibe that really show how Sam Kim grow musically.

Some of the track were already pre-released before last month in Sam Kim ‘Sun & Moon part 1’ EP. You probably remember Sam Kim release ‘Make Up’ featuring Crush, it also include an MV which Crush is starting.

Sam Kim ‘Make Up’ acoustic Version

Make up by Sam Kim is a title track of its own and i glad Sam Kim pre released it & got the recognition it deserves. I also love the Acoustic cover of it by Sam Kim. I wish we got the Acoustic version of it featuring Crush.

‘Sun & Moon’ album title track is ‘It’s You’ featuring Zico. This track is no slouch either, I love how the the transition in the track sound so smooth : From simple acoustic , add a little of piano, add a few snare & kicks until it builds up for the hook. Sam Kim have so many parts of music, it’s not just a repeat of intro, hook, & interlude that we usually heard.

Sam Kim ‘it’s You’ feat Zico MV

Zico add more depth to this track with his rap. Sam Kim ‘It’s You’ is good enough as it’s own track but Zico make it great. MV wise i love everything about Sam Kim & Zico interaction, we need more !!



My personal favorite from Sam Kim ‘Sun & Moon’ album is  ‘Sunny Days, Summer nights’.  Why ?? Close your eyes while listen to it, Sam Kim gonna take you to the dream world & perform Live there ~

Sam Kim also held a special showcase for his album. Yoo Heeyeol is attending in the Showcase, Look how proud his Antenna boss is ~

Sam Kim Sun & Moon Album

Source : Newsen

Listen & purchase Sam Kim Sun and Moon on Melon, Genie, Bugs & Naver



What do you think of Sam Kim Sun and Moon album ?? What is your favorite track ?? Leave your comment below !!