The Quiett SMTM 777 | 6 Reasons to love him

6 Reasons to Love the Quiett On SMTM 777. Is The Quiett your favorite Producer on SMTM 777 ? We compile the reasons why you should love him.

The Quiett SMTM 777

The Quiett SMTM 777 version is different than the old ones. Here we compile the reason why you should love SMTM 777 Version of The Quiett more !


No more cold Quiett

The quiett was the scariest producer of SMTM History, No one want to be judged by him because he have a cold way of Judging contestant, especially in the 1st round. If you remember, There’s a scene where The Quiett relentlessly judging Contestant with only few seconds.

This Season of SMTM 777 we say goodbye to Cold Quiett (okay he eliminate Na Sangwook but that story for another day). The Quiett passĀ  Contestant that other judges fail in the 3rd round like Dbo & Park Dan. I even thought The Quiett is the next YDG when he pass one contestant when the other doesnt.



2. uwu Quiett

This is self explanatory



The Quiett SMTM 777 Stage

When the Mic turned on, The Quiett is still the Swag rapper that we all know. His team with Changmo actually also voted by the contestant as the number 1 producer performance.

The Quiett also perform one more time on SMTM 777. It’s when D.ark individual stage on Top-12. Unfortunately, the stage is not uploaded by MNET because D.ark controversies. Nevertheless The Quiett always show up whenever he’s on stage. He won’t lose to the younger ones.




How Many CF that The Quiett did for SMTM 777 ? The Quiett actually did some advertising for the sponsors of SMTM 777, he did the most compared to other producer who only did one each.

He also make a track for each advertising so it feels like we got mini-comeback whenever The Quiett release a CF for SMTM 777.

The Quiett even inside my favorite 2018 CF List !!



5. Love his Saimsaim sons

6 Reasons to Love THe Quiett on SMTM 777

Team Changmo & The quiett is one of the most energetic bunch in SMTM 777. They have youth energy & always have energetic stage. The quiett is always supporting his sons, whether it’s they did good or bad.

There’s several occasion when The quiett calm down his nervous sons before they perform. Except Superbee, the team is full of rookie & young rapper:
-- D.ark 2005 liner
-- Lee Dongmin former School Rapper 1 contestant
-- Coogie just debut 1 year ago.



6. Team Quamo lose the battle but win our hearts.

Team Quamo, that’s the team name for Team the Quiett & Changmo. They only goes as far as the Semifinal yet they reach deep into our hearts. Each rapper have memorable journey, not lost against other teams.

Changmo x The Quiett is not a promising combination at starts, many question The combination, especially when Changmo is considered to inexperienced to be a producer in a show like SMTM. Yet both the team & producers always become a scene stealer.

Quamo Forever !!


The Quiett also gonna become a School Rapper 3 mentor !! Don’t forget to check out his Instagram : @Thequiett & Agency Instagram : @1llionaire_records



Do you have more reasons to Love The Quiett SMTM 777 ?? Give us more in the comment section !