Zion T Uh Huh Sleep Talk | A perfect Short film

Zion T Uh Huh + Sleep Talk MV . Zion T release a short film for his track Uh huh + Sleep Talk feat Oh hyuk of Hyukoh. This MV were a special occasion where Dazed Korea hold a private screening.

Zion T Uh Huh + Sleep Talk


Zion T Uh Huh & Sleep Talk is a part of Zion T latest EP ‘ZzZ’. These two tracks isnt promoted early, Zion T focus more promoting the Title track Hello Tutorial feat Seulgi of Red Velvet & Untold Story. Zion T ‘ZzZ’ honestly have so many good tracks, Uh Huh and Sleep Talk is equally important as the other tracks.

Zion T Uh huh + Sleep talk MV

The first part of the Film,  ‘Uh huh’ is Zion T walking around in what seems like a postmodern world. The movie portray Zion T as an character from a third person perspective. There still so much mysteries inside the first song that would be interesting to dig into it deeper.



Second part of the Film, Sleep Talk is more obvious. Zion T drinking a pill that keep him awake/dreaming where everybody in the world sleeps. The film portray real life Zion T & animation world really well.In Fact, the film suit the lyrics of Sleep Talk where we didn’t realized whether we sleeps or not just like the lyrics depict.


Zion T Sleep Talk lyrics
“I Fell asleep while the TV is still on
Comfortably in the big sofa
Even the sound of Remote control falling can’t woke me up
Whispering like swimming,i like it”



This event is held exclusively by Dazed Korea in Ryse Hotel. The screening have famous guest list like Gray, Sik-k & newest member of Black Label Somi. Zion T also performing with pajamas that suit his ‘Zzz’ EP concept. DJ Soulscape & Peejay also help Zion T perform this time around.

Dazed Korea event

i was excited when i see Gray & Zion T together but VV:D comeback seems a bit too soon consider each member is busy with their own stuff. First is Crush North America tour, Loco rumored enlistment, & Gray working a new project with Brasstracks.


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Finally, What do you think of Zion T Uh Huh + Sleep Talk Film ? Do you found anything else in the MV ? Leave your comment below !