Dbo So Chill EP | Dbo best Catchphrase

Dbo release So Chill EP, One of the hidden gems of SMTM 777, Dbo make an EP called So chill just like his catchphrase on SMTM 777. “So Chill~”

Dbo so chill


Dbo So Chill. One of most popular catchphrase of SMTM 777 “So Chill~” is a product from FPL Crew Rapper Dbo.¬† Dbo release a new EP titled So chill. The EP have 7 track inside & it really consist of song that make you say “So Chill~”


Dbo So Chill EP Tracklist

  • No Way
  • Np Cap
  • Yo Style feat Zene The Zilla
  • Novacene
  • No Cap feat Zene The Zilla
  • How It Goes feat EK
  • Big Bag

One of my favorite track in Dbo ‘So Chill’ EP is called No Way. The track really represent “So Chill~” you can feel Dbo free spirit in this track.


No way audio

So Chill EP is also a sign of improvement for Dbo. Dbo is usually rely so much on a hard trap beat to complete his rap style. There’s a track called How it Goes feat EK of MBA crew that use a beat with old school vibes.



Title track of So chill EP is ‘Peacock’ with SMTM 777 survival round enemy Zenethezilla. This track is the most catchiest¬† track of the EP. I didn’t expect this collaboration but i really glad it happen.

‘Peacock’ MV feat ZeneTheZIlla

Dbo have that unique rap style that no one follow. His first appearance to the public is on SMTM 3 when he & YDG got lot of criticize because his style of rap isnt popular back then (it’s still not popular now but at least it’s more accepted)


Dbo on SMTM 3

Dbo work hard in the underground scene until he got lots of recognition without averting from his unique rap style. It’s not easy though, Dbo face many rejection because his rap style which is not really familiar at that time. Dbo hard work start to bear fruit after more people accept his style of rap/


Make sure to follow DBo Instagram @Dbo0Dbo . He’s one of the SMTM 8 contestant now !


Listen & Purchase Dbo So Chill on all South Korea streaming sites Apple Music, Melon, naver, Bugs & Genie music



Dbo journey on SMTM 777 maybe cut short but Dbo gonna keep going forward with his own style. Lets go Dbo !!