Crush Song Cover collection | Ready to melt your heart

Crush song cover collection. We all know Crush for his hit song such as Beautiful, Just, Don’t Forget & Many more. But, do you know that Crush also covering other artist songs ?? Be ready, because Crush gonna melt your heart.

Crush Song Cover

Crush Song Cover collection. Here we compile the list of the Best Song cover by our one & only Shin Hyoseob.


Call You Mine by Jeff Bernat

Crush was a fan of Jeff Bernat, Crush often perform Jeff Bernat songs especially ‘Call You Mine’ early on his career. Crush didn’t have many song when he just debuted so this song is the one that Crush always perform on every event & Busking.

Fanboy goals achieved ! in 2015, Crush & Dean collaborate with their idol Jeff bernat in a track called ‘What 2 do’, this track is Korea-english track with a great harmony from 3 of them.


Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra

Crush also a fan of Old music (i mean really old 50’s -- 60’s ish not 2000s old). In a session of Instagram live, Crush covering several songs back in 2017. One of the track is a Classic, Frank Sinatra ‘Fly me to the moon’.

He also perform this song several times on Jazz festival. Crush often (It’s actually every year) go to Jazz festival with his band Wonderlust & do a jazz version of his song. Crush have a really broad music style: from R&B, Hiphop, Ballad, Soul & Jazz.



‘I Think About you’ by One more chance

A cover of indie group song ? You got it ! This song is one of the most popular song in Noraebang (Karaoke place), the sweet lyrics suit many occasion like confession, graduation, & even wedding.

Crush add more sugar to already a sweet song. This song cover gonna be on my top 3 song that make my heart melt.


How Deep is Your Love by Bee Gees

Earlier this year, Crush appear on MNET variety show Finding Heroes : Geek Tour. There Crush was given a mission to busking in the streets when no one knows him. Crush was covering Bee Gees hit song ‘How Deep is Your Love’.

Even though no one knows him in the U.S, Crush still giving his best & lot of citizen give appreciaton, even giving money to Crush !! Do you mind Crush covering this song on his next North America tour ??


I Fall in Love too Easily by Chet Baker

This is aftermath of Crush Journey in MNET ‘Finding heroes : Geek Tour’. Crush was a big fan of Chet Baker & he make a tribute of the late Chet baker by covering one of Chet baker hit song ‘I Fall in Love too easily’

Crush perform this song on several TV shows. One is on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook, the other one is on MNET ‘The Call’. This song brings a lot of emotion for the late Chet baker. Thank you so much for the tribute Hyoseob ssi !!


Yanghwa Bridge by Zion T

Covering his best friend song Zion T ? Yes please ! Crush once cover Zion T hit songs ‘Yanghwa Bridge’. This is obviously before they “Break-up’ on 2016. Crush & Zion T already made up this year though, Can i expect more song cover from this legendary duo ???


You Touched My Heart by Sung Si kyung

— D KHH & KRnB (@DKhhrnb) November 15, 2018

This is the latest of Crush cover. Crush already perform this song on Radio star few weeks ago but the acapella version of this on MBC ‘Undernineteen’ program really hit the feels.

Crush been working on several TV programs, in a few week Crush gonna appear on SBS ‘The Fan’ Survival show & i hope there’s more of Crush song cover & collaborate with new artist.


What do you think of Crush song cover collection ?? Crush have more songs that he actually cover but this 7 song cover is the most memorable for me ? Which one is your favorite ?? Post in the comment !