SMTM 777 Rapper | 10 Rapper didn’t get enough airtime

SMTM 777 Rappers. These article contains rapper you probably didn’t even know joining this year SMTM 777. Is your favorite rapper inside this list ?? Check it out !

10 rapper actually join SMTM777

SMTM 777 Rapper is not always gonna be on Camera. This 10 rapper is barely spotted in the camera, even though they really talented.


1 All Female contestant

There’s only 1 female rapper that got an airtime (Swervy when battle Lee dongmin) on SMTM 777. It’s not even 20 second because she made a mistake. Compared to other SMTM Season, it’s kinda a letdown.

According to the audition clip, there’s lot of other talented female rapper like Bryn, Shin Yujin, quinsha, PUP & many more yet we didn’t even saw any glimpse of them on SMTM 777.



2 Young Kay of Kiff Clan

10 rapper actually join SMTM777

Young Kay actually appear on the 1st episode just for a few second. Since then, only his reaction & glimpse can be seen.

Kiff Clan is one of the most popular hiphop crew on 2018, yet Young Kay is one of the member still with a ton of mysteries (because lack of information) compared to other member in the groups. There still School rapper 3 next year so let’s see if  he gonna join ~


3 Agunu of Dickids

10 rapper actually join SMTM777

Agunu actually join SMTM this year even though he barely have any raptime. He have tons of screentime though cause he always beside Luda & Bully da bastard. Yet, not enough consider how talented agunu is.

Dickids is one of the biggest name in korea hiphop last year. Consider how really good Young B, Luda, Bnom & Bully on TV Programs, safe to assume Agunu rap should pack a fire.


4 Heedo of BIG

10 rapper actually join SMTM777

The only idol rapper that spotted on this year SMTM 777, Heedo of BIG come with lots of expectation when he appear on the preview/teaser, yet he didnt even have any raptime on SMTM 777.

Heedo don’t appear on the list of passed contestant in the 2nd episode. Safe to assume Heedo is eliminated by all producer in the fire round. You won’t even notice him if you blink an eye. Heedo only appear sometimes & giving his reaction.

It’s a shame there’s no idol rapper that get any airtime on this year SMTM 777.


5  Lee Yechan

Possibly the youngest contestant of SMTM 777 rapper. Lee Yechan have one of the most popular online audition clip of SMTM 777. Lee Yechan even make an appearance on MNET pre episode picture but didn’t appear in the broadcast.

The kid is now competing on MBC ‘Under nineteen’ as one of the youngest contestant. We didn’t get to see him on SMTM 777 but at least we can see his rap skill in other TV program.


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