SBS The Fan | Rookie/Unknown KHH/KRNB Survival

SBS The Fan is a new variety show about unknown rookie artist. Some of KHH/KRNB artist is confirmed joining the cast. The artist gonna recommend their unknown rookie friend for the show.


SBS The fan is a new variety show that looking for the next rookie sensation. The show gather top artist that will recommend their talented friend who were still relatively unknown to the public. The artist could be rapper/singer/dancer/ other talents in entertainment fields. Personally, i think this is a good way to introduce rookie/unknown artist to the public. It gonna air on 24th of November 2018.

There will be 15 contestant from 15 Artist recommendation in this show. they gonna compete against each other for 4 round. Finally 5 contestant will be chosen & the show will be broadcasted  LIVE every week and the fans can choose who gonna survive until the final winner.

Check out the teaser


SBS the Fan

Illionaire boss Dok2 is the first confirmed artist that join SBS The Fan. Dok2 is a well known figure not only in Korea hiphop but korea music industry, have been debuted since 15 years ago even though he still really young.

Dok2 bring a R&B singer for this show which also a friend of Superbee. I think i know who this is but let’s not give any spoiler until the episode air ~

Simon Dominic

SBS The Fan

Simon Dominic been really active since his comeback from hiatus. After appearing on several TV programs ( I Live Alone, Lets eat dinner together, SMTM 777 & Radio Star) Ssamd gonna be back on TV for SBS new survival show The Fan.

Simon Dominic always give tons of laugh whenever he comes to TV show. We also always found something to learn about him whenever he appear on television. Simon Dominic & other artist interaction should be fun !

It’s still a secret of who Ssamd gonna bring as a contestant. Let’s see later on 24th of November of 2018


SBS The Fan

Crush from Amoeba Culture also confirmed to join the cast of SBS the Fan. He been really active in TV recently by appearing on several variety show & become a judge of Idol survival program MBC ‘Undernineteen’.

Crush is also really busy with next comeback & North America tour in planned, i wonder if Crush already recorded all the shows beforehand??

We still haven’t see Crush preview on the show but according to  he press Conference he will be one of the cast that recommend a talented unknown artist. (psst i hope it’s one of his friend from club eskimo or fanxychild)

Yoon Mirae x Tiger JK

Yoon Mirae & Tiger JK also confirmed to join the cast of SBS The Fan. Feelghood Music duo is really active this year, both release their own album while also managing the artist of their company Feelghood Music.

There’s ton of artist that Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae could recommend. There’s lot of talented  unknown artist to the public in Feelghood Music. Also their relationship with tons of artist that date way back from 20 years ago should help.


This is Gummy first TV show after her marriage. Gummy is not only known for her singing ability but also as the OST queen. I wonder who is Gummy gonna bring for SBS ‘The Show’, but a collaboration between Gummy with unknown artist is something i look forward to.


Other confirmed artist

-- Yoon Doohyun 
-- Han Chaeyoung
-- Eric of Shinhwa
-- Seo Hyorim
-- Junho of 2pm 
-- More as show goes on


Main Judge for SBS The Fan

SBS The Fan

Source : Mydaily

-- Yoo Heeyeol
-- BOA
-- Lee Sangmin
-- Kim Eana


SBS The fan goals is to find a unpolished gemstones which is talented unknown artist to the public. i can’t wait for episode to air on 24th of november 2018. There’s a lot of talented artist that deserve more recognition !

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