Utada Hikaru Too Proud Remix featuring EK

EK featuring in Utada Hikaru Too Proud Remix,as one of the artist that featured in Utada Hikaru hit track Too Proud remix project. EK keep making good progress after SMTM 777 ends, lets go EK !!

EK Utada Hikaru

Utada Hikaru Too Proud Remix. Is a honor to featured in an Artist as established as Utarda Hikaru. As one of the biggest name in Asia music Scene & EK is chosen as one of the rapper from several asia countries. Other artist in this ‘Too Proud’ remix is Suboi from Vietnam & XZT from China.

check out Utada Hikaru ‘Too Proud’ Remix 

The track use 4 language (Japan, Korea, Vietnamese & mandarin) yet it harmonize really well. EK part start on 2:53 to end this dope remix. These international collaboration is hard to pull off but this just sound perfect.


It’s really a honor for EK to be featuring in Utada Hikaru track, this is a great first step for EK since he eliminated from SMTM 777. We all hope he will become known globally for his music & not just for his SMTM 777 catchphrase “EEEEEEEEEEEKAAAAAAAAAAAAAY“.

Listen & Purchase Utada Hikaru ‘Too Proud’ Remix feat EK, Subo & XZT on Spotify, Deezer, MelonNaver

EK maybe eliminated from SMTM 777 too early, but he keep moving forward with a lots of music exploration. We gonna look forward to more EK in the future !!