Crush Lay Your head on Me Comeback !!

Crush Lay Your Head on Me comeback !! Crush gonna be back with a new track ahead of his North America Tour. This track is an English track also, special for the fans that gonna see him later ~

Crush Lay your head on me

Crush is really busy this year. He already release ‘Wonderlost’ EP, several singles, and feature in countless other artist track. ‘Lay Your Head on Me’ will be his 5th single on 2018 after ‘Bittersweet’, ‘Stevie wonderlost’ (tribute to Stevie Wonder), ‘I Fall in Love too easily (chet Baker tribute) & ‘None‘.

Crush None Live clip

Fernando Garibay is also help Crush Lay your head on Me track. it still unknown if it’s just gonna be producing, songwriting or actual featuring. We need to wait until 16th of November 2018 later.

This is the first teaser that Amoeba Culture (Crush Agency) release 

Crush Lay your head on me


According to news the track will have Jazz/soul music vibes, Crush really hook into this type of music style recently, collecting LP & listening to old Jazz music.

Crush recently announce his ‘Crush on You Tour’ where the first stop is North America. Lay your head on me is something special for Crush overseas fans, especially for Fans that gonna come to see him live on North America & future countries that haven’t been announced yet.

Psst, here a spoiler of Crush ‘Lay Your Head on Me’. Crush perform it on his solo concert ‘Wonderlost’ last week

Mr honey voice is always sounds great, Crush Lay Head on Me is something we international fans is looking forward to !! Let’s wait a bit until 16th of November 2018 for Crush new track Lay your head on me.

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