Haon Twice | Haon the fanboy goals cute moments

Haon meet Twice ! Check out his cute moment that happened This week on JTBC ‘Kids Nowadays’

Haon Twice

Haon Twice interaction. School rapper 2 Winner & H1GHRMUSIC rapper Kim Haon meet TWICE !! Check out Haon interaction with Twice member below ~. One of Haon dreams come true today.


Kim Haon were shooting for JTBC ‘Kids Nowadays’ with Ahn Junghwan hyung. He meet Twice who Shooting for ‘Entertainment Weekly’ accidentally because they have same shooting location. Check below for the  memorable moments .

Fanboy goals achieved.

Beside a fan of TWICE, Haon also a big fan of Dahyun noona !! Our shy Haon also hug Dahyun noona, today is Haon lucky day !



SBS Volume Up radio

Cr : @ Sbsyoungstreet pic.twitter.com/y3OjoF77F0

— D KHH & KRnB (@DKhhrnb) October 6, 2018

Our shy Haon is actually a ONCE?? He already admit it in several radio shows before (When promoting NOAH EP). Haon even dance shyly to Twice ‘TT’ during an apperance on SBS ‘Volume Up’ radio. It’s actually not a secret anymore.


with Seulgi Noona

Haon, do you pick Dahyun Noona ?? Or Seulgi Noona ??


interaction with OMG members


Haon is really active in Television recently. Since November, He join Yoo Jaesuk variety show JTBC ‘Kids These days’. He also already become a cast of MNET variety show ‘Kkondae Live’ where he interact on weekly basis with other celebrity. This is Haon interaction with Oh My Girls Member in ‘Kkondae Live’



Haon always give us cute reaction whenever he meets other celebrity. He also really friendly with everyone which is probably the reason he gets lots of Love from everyone.  We looking forward to your future activities , Fighting !!


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