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Dean Release dayfly ! After nearly a year Dean finally back with a new track.  The track also featured Sulli & Rad Museum. Check out Dean latest track that i already put in repeat for 24 hours.

Dean Dayfly

Dean release Dayfly ! Dean release a new track today on 8th of November 2018. It’s been more than 10 months since Dean latest track (Instagram) but it’s worth the wait !!

Dean ‘Dayfly’ feat Sulli & Radmuseum audio preview


Dean voice, Guitar sound, R&B beat, Sulli voice, Rad Museum verse, Daniel Caesar hidden verse & soothing vibes. There so many things going on in one track yet it sound smooth & easy to the ears.

Dean announced his track ‘Dayfly’ last week on 2nd of November 2018. Since then, the anticipation is building up even though Dean didn’t release tons of teaser (Compared to Korea Music industry norm that release several teaser to hype up the comeback).



Dean Dayfly teaser

‘Dayfly’MV haven’t come out yet.  Just like Instagram last year, Dean released the audio version verse to bless our ears & give the MV later for the visuals. We honestly can’t wait but Dean is always working on his pace & it’s a part of his own charm.

Dean Dayfly

Source : News1

Sulli also lend a  help in Dean latest track ‘Dayfly’. This is Sulli first music promotion since Sulli not a part of F(x) anymore. The announcement of Sulli participation gather lot of attention from netizen, many is looking forward to this collaboration between Dean x Sulli & it didnt disappoint!

Check out DEAN perform ‘Dayfly’ Live | Credit to : na ka

“Digital monster”, Dean always own the chart whenever he release a comeback. Dean didn’t care much about the chart but it prove that Dean is someone who beloved not just by KHH/KRnB enthusiast, but also to the general crowd. Dean also become one of the winner of Korean Hip hop awards 2019 !!


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