Bloo in Wonderland EP !! Comeback teaser

Bloo Comeback !!! MKITRAIN Gang  gonna light up November!!! Bloo of MKITRAIN gonna takes you to his wonderland with the new EP.

Bloo in Won


Bloo of MKITRAIN gonna be back with a new EP !! Kim Hyeunwoong / Daniel Kim will bless us with the long awaited ‘Bloo in Wonderland’ EP. The EP gonna be released on 19th of November 2018.Yesterday, Bloo & MKITRAIN Give us the picture teaser of his new EP. Bloo the Bad boy look magnificent as always for the teaser.


The rumor of Bloo new EP have been circulated since months ago, actually since August of 2018. Back then, Bloo have a party with the same title ‘Bloo In wonderland’. It’s been more than 2 month since & we HYPE for Bloo new EP !!!

Bloo in Wonderland release party

Bloo comeback

Bloo actually already perform some of his track from this EP when he perform on different stages/events. Just a spoiler, the track is Great  !!!!



Bloo also already give a snippet of his new EP ‘Bloo In Wonderland’ with pre released track featured SMTM 777 finalist Nafla called ‘Take Me’

In just a few week Bloo gonna blessed our ears wiith his new EP ‘Bloo in Wonderland’. We also expect a MV for his new track. 19th of November 2018 gonna be awesome !!!



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Bloo Comeback lets go !!