Coogie Million Market | buy ATM Seoul & Rhythment

Coogie MIllion Market / ATM SEOUL? Coogie that been rising since the start of SMTM 777 now a part of Million Market!!

Coogie Million Market

Coogie Million Market. Kim Jeonghoon of ATM Seoul join Million Market. Coogie have been making lot of noise on SMTM 777, going as far to the Top-12!

Coogie performance on SMTM 777 is a breathe of fresh air. As a rookie, Coogie show he can stand toe to toe with other established & veteran rapper. He go as far as the top 12 where he finally lose against OLNL.


Coogie Million Market

Million market just bought & takeover several Music Agencies, including Coogie agency ATM Seoul. Beside Coogie, Million market also sign Chancellor & several other artist/producer. Million Market is a subsidiary of SM Entertainment but they still have their own privileges, their artist is the one who gonna collaborate more with SM artist.

ATM Seoul is an agency by Bill Stax/Vasco which the future is in jeopardy after Bill Stax/Vasco become a suspect of illegal drug issue . Beside Coogie, other ATM Seoul artist & Producers also merged into Million market.

Coogie on SMTM 777

His Journey on SMTM 777 maybe ending too early, Eliminated Coogie start to become active, Participating in Producer Boycold track ‘Youth’ with Haon & Bewhy. He also release a new track ‘Wifey’ featuring his SMTM 777 Producer Changmo.


Coogie also a part of Yelowsmob Crew now, one of the hottest crew in South Korea¬†with member like Sik-k, Vangdale, Boycold, Groovyroom & more. We can’t wait to see his Bright future.


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