Underrated Korean Artists | A writer profile

Hello everybody !

Here I am, Underrated Korean Artists, a french blogger (sorry for my futur mistakes in English) who’s goal is to give more spotlight to underrated korean artists. I’m glad to be able to promote my blog on a English website so that I can give more visibility to my blog and the artists I introduce. People are often too focused on K-pop to pay any attention to these underrated artists and I would like to change that. I want to make people aware that K-music is not only K-pop. That being said, my blog is in French but I’m sure that even that way it still can help people discover new artists just by seeing their names in the title of every articles. Also, even if we all know that google translate isn’t the best, the translation tool is available on my blog. And even though it’s in French, I’ve noticed that some of my readers are from other countries than France, so I do not think it’s that big deal of a deal. I write an article about a different artist every week. I’m trying to talk about artists from different genres as well. I know readers’ of DKHHRNB are here for news about K-Hiphop and RnB so, when I’ll write an article about an artist from these genres, I’ll post here to inform you about it !

If you are curious about my blog, go take a look at it : underratedkoreanartists.wordpress.com 

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, I often post diverse content as videos or songs.

Last thing I wanted you to know is that I’ll start a new concept on my blog. At every end of months I’ll post a playlist on Spotify and post it on my blog and social networks. It will gather new releases, my new discoveries and some others tracks that I love. Since the genres in the playlist will be biased by the music I listen, there will be many khh in it ! The first playlist will be available at the end of June. Hope you will like it.

Thanks for your attention, I hope you’ll show me your support !