Jjangyou WYBH | Join the Family

Jjangyou WYBH! Giriboy break the news yesterday that SMTM 8 contestant Jjangyou is joining WYBH crew.

Jjangyou WYBH

Jjangyou become the 19th member of WYBH family. 우주비행 (read Wujubihaeng that means space flight) have been gaining recognition lately, even nominated as best hip hop label multiple times in Korean Hiphop awards (2019 & 2020).


Jjangyou WYBH Crew member alongside

  • Giriboy
  • Co.kr
  • Dnopf
  • ChoilB
  • Han Yohan
  • OLNL
  • Kid Milli
  • NO:EL
  • Apro
  • J Work
  • George
  • Kim Seungmin
  • Coa White
  • DJ SQ
  • Justin
  • Cosmic Boy
  • Fisherman
  • Hayake



Wavisabi room

Before joining WYBH, Jjangyou is a part of the crew Wavisabi room that Founded in 2015 With Arrwae & Jflo. The member already goes to their separate ways nowadays but it become trending topic when Yunhway mentioned it in the Diss battle vs Jjangyou on SMTM 8.



Giriboy , Kid Milli, ChoiLB, Kim Seungmin, & Hayake vv 2


Make sure to follow Jjangyou & WYBH on Instagram: @Xockstar & @WYBH_Korea



What do you think of Jjangyou joining WYBH? Look forward to Jjangyou activities as WYBH member!