Damye Snooze | With Big Naughty

Damye is back with a new single titled Snooze. feature fellow rookie that come from SMTM 8 Big Naughty. Damye Snooze.

Damye Snooze


Damye debut in 2018 with a single titled talented. Since then, Damye have been active release music and recognized as one of the most promising new artist/rookie, even nominated as one of the candidate for best new artist of the year at Korean Hiphop Awards 2020. Let’s listen to Damye latest track Snooze, wake up!

Damye Snooze feat Big Naughty

There’s a story behind the song, Damye actually create this song after he sleep for another 5 minutes because of the snooze alarm before going to his part time work. Snooze is also produced & composed by Damye himself. He also play the guitar which he really good at.



Damye Lonely Boy feat Samuel Seo 

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What do you think of Damye Snooze?: Does Damye music style suit your taste?


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