Korean Hiphop Awards 2020 Winner | KHA 2020

Korean Hiphop awards 2020! First held in 2017, Korean Hiphop Awards have been the awards for not only korean hip hop artist but also Korean R&B artist. Let’s look at this year (2020) winner from each category.

Korean Hiphop Awards 2020

Held every year since 3 years ago, Korean Hiphop Awards 2020 is sponsored by HIPHOPLE x HIPHOPPLAYA with STRIT as the media partner. The results below were 50 % by votes (netizen) & 50 % by expert (Committee). (Last Year winner)

Korean HIphop Awards 2020 Winner List

Artist Of the Year : Yumdda

Nomination for Artist of the year

  • Yumdda
  • E Sens
  • Changmo
  • Cjamm
  • Giriboy
  • The Quiett

New Artist of the Year : Ash Island

Nomination for New Artist of the year
  • Ash Island 
  • Mushvenom 
  • Sogumm
  • Sokodomo 
  • Lil Cherry & Jito Mo
  • Damye

Hiphop album of the year winner : Cjamm Keung

Nomination for Hip Hop Album of the Year

  • Cjamm ‘Keung’
  • E Sens ‘The Stranger’
  • Changmo ‘Boyhood’
  • XXX ‘Second Language’
  • O’domar ‘Field’
  • Futuristic Swaver ‘BFOTY’

Hip Hop Track of the Year : Changmo Meteor

Hip hop track of the year nomination 
  • Changmo ‘Meteor’ 
  • Yumdda ‘Don Call Me’ 
  • Mushvenom ‘Why is it So Loud’ 
  • Bewhy ‘Gottasadae’
  • Hash Swan, Ash Island, Keem Hyoeun, Changmo ‘Band’
  • Cjamm ‘Pokerface’

R&B Album of the year : Crush Midnight to Sunrise

R&B Album of the Year nomination

  • Crush ‘Midnight to Sunrise’
  • Samuel Seo ‘The misfit’
  • Jflow & Sep2 ‘Fire’
  • Dress x Sogumm ‘Not My Fault’
  • Baek Yerin ‘Every Letter I Sent You’
  • Sogumm ‘Sobrightttttttt’



R&B Track of the year : Dean Howlin 404

R&B Track of the year Nomination

  • Dean ‘Howlin 404’
  • Samuel Seo ‘Playaplayaplaya’ 
  • Colde ‘WA-R-R
  • Jclef ‘Mama, See’ 
  • Dress x Sogumm ‘I wonder’ feat Jay Park
  • Sumin ‘Shaker’


Underrated Album of the Year : OLNL Cyber Lover

Underrated Album of the Year nomination

  • O’domar ‘Field’
  • Errday Jinju ‘SARA’
  • Viann ‘The Baker
  • OLNL ‘Cyber Lover’
  • Chaboom ‘Sweets & Bitters’
  • Lee Hyunjun ‘Mainstream’



Producer of the year : Giriboy

Producer of the Year nomination
  • Giriboy 
  • FRNK of XXX 
  • Jaykidman 
  • Goosebumps 
  • Dress 
  • GXXD / Vangdale


 Collaboration of The Year : Damoim ‘Imma Do’ feat Woo Wonjae, Huckleberry P, Nucksal & Kim HYoeun

Collaboration of the year nomination
  • Damoim & Friends ‘Imma do’
  • Lil Boi, Takeone, Don Malik, Justhis, ‘Bad News Cypher vol 1’
  • Simon Dominic, Wonjae, Jvcki Wai, Moon’ GOTT’
  • All 51 rapper ‘119 Remix’
  • Ambition ‘Band’
  • Balming Tiger “armadillo’


Best Music Video of the Year : Balming Tiger ‘Armadillo’

Best Music video of the year nomination : 

  • Bewhy ‘Gotassadae’
  • E Sens ‘Sons of a ‘
  • Dynamic Duo ‘MSG’ feat Penomeco
  • Ash Island ‘Paranoid’
  • Changmo ‘Meteor’
  • Omega Sapien x Byung un of Balming Tiger ‘Armadillo’

Label of the Year : Ambition Musik

Label of the Year nomination

  • Ambition Musik
  • BANA
  • AOMG
  • Legit Goons
  • WYBH



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