SOLE Thama sign to Amoeba Culture | New family

Few days ago, we got a news that Amoeba culture add 2 more talented R&B singer to their family, It’s SOLE & Thama!


Anoeba Culture annoucne through their SNS that they sign 2 new artist. First one is Thama, a singer-songwriter-producer with a sweet voice. Second artist to join the family is SOLE, a female R&B singer with extraordinary soulful singing ability.

SOLE & Thama join Amoeba Culture family alongside

SOLE & Thama work with Amoeba Culture

This is not the first time that both SOLE Thama work with Amoeba Culture. Last year, they’re participating in a ‘Codeshare Project’ a project where their former agency Devine CHannel work with Amoeba Culture. Thama release Pre EP while SOLE release How we Live EP.

SOLE Lovin U feat pH-1



Bonus : Sole Thama Same

Make sure to follow SOLE THAMA on Instagram : @Sounditsme ; @Jungmintv .



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