pH-1 Nerdy Love | Feat Yerin Baek prod by Mokyo

pH-1 is back! With a new song after Summer Episode single album that was released 6 months ago. pH-1 Nerdy Love.

pH-1 Nerdy Love

pH-1 is planning a full scale activities in 2020. Beside release the new single Nerdy Love, pH-1 also plan to have his 1st Solo concert & gonna goes tu europe for a tour! TMI : pH-1 name comes from is real name : Park Harry = pH & won (one/1) from his korean name Park Junwon.


pH-1 Nerdy Love feat Yerin Baek prod by Mokyo.

“Why am I so damn nerdy? :(“. pH-1 Nerdy Love is produced by fellow H1GHRMUSIC Mokyo & feature Blue Vinyl’s Yerin Baek. The song is loved by the public & achieve multiple number 1 n several music charts such as Genie & Bugs.



pH-1 Homebody prod by Mokyo

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What do you think of pH-1 new song? Does his music style suit your taste?

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