Eluphant 4 album | New Album Consist of Four Seasons

Eluphant is back! Hip hop duo Minos & Kebee is back with a new album with 8 song inside that tell a story about 4 seasons. Eluphant 4.

Eluphant 4

Eluphant already in hip hop scene since 15 years ago, 2006. The group consist of 2 rapper, Minos & Kebee.Now under Brand New Music, Eluphant finally back with a new album! TMI : Eluphant name come from the words of Dolphin in Japanese (Iruka) & Elephant, hence it become Eluphant.

Eluphant 4 album tracklist

  • Welcome
  • Winter Rain feat Punch
  • In Between Seasons feat Doko
  • Tropical FIsh feat Hanhae
  • Singapore Sling feat Esbee
  • Choose feat Takeone & Samuel seo
  • Reed feat Yang Dail
  • Bye

The Song inside the album is already pre release in 2018 according to their season. Single album E represent Spring, L represent Summer & U represent autumn. Now its complete with a new winter song that become the title track Winter Rain.

Eluphant Winter Rain feat Punch



Eluphant In Between Seasons feat Doko

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