Kang Gary Superman Is Back | Back on TV with Son

It’s been 3 years since Kang Gary last appear on Television program. Used to chasing name tags, now Kang Gary is a loving father. Kang Gary Superman is Back.

Kang Gary Superman is back

Yesterday, several news article report that Kang Gary will be the next cast of Superman is back / The return of Superman. A program where the father will take care of his child while the wife is away. The episode of Kang Gary & son Kang Haoh is planned to air on February, 2020. Are you ready for their interaction?

So, What is Kang Gary activities nowadays?

. Kang Gary married in 2017 and already have a song name Kang Haoh. They often post their family interaction through SNS such as Instagram & Youtube channel. Beside become a loving father & husband. Kang Gary is still active as a rapper & now also a DJ that goes with the stage name Yangban.



Kang Gary Purple Bikini Music VIdeo.

Make sure to follow Kang Gary on Instagram : @Kanggary_yangban .



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