Itownkid Grab Drop Pop | Debut single of Seo Mingyu from HSR 3

Seo Mingyu debut! ALso known with his stage name Itownkid, he’s start his music career with a new single, Itownkid Grab Drop Pop.

Itownkid Grab Drop Pop

19 years old Seo Mingyu awe everyone with his performance in School Rapper 3. Reach as far as Semifinal, Seo Mingyu have many memorable performance in School rapper 3, including the track cheat sheet with Aquinas. Now he’s officially debut under his stage name Itownkid. with a single Grab Drop Pop. TMI: ITownkid also have a soundcloud where he alreayd have several songs release, check out his Soundcloud.

Itownkid Grab Drop Pop feat Xs Music Video



Itownkid School Rapper 3

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