Lee Hi YG Entertainment Part Ways | Look Forward to 2020

Before the year ends, we got a news that Lee Hi decide to part ways with YG Entertainment after 7 years with the company. Lee Hi YG Entertainment part ways.

Lee Hi YG

Lee Hi contract is expiring & after a long discussion we decide to support each other activities from our separate places”. That’s the statement of YG Entertainment yesterday that announce Lee Hi departure from the company after 7 years.

Lee Hi also left a heartfelt message through her Instagram.


Hello Everyone this is Lee HI

I’m here to share the news that a little unfamiliar on the last day of the year, 2019. At the end of this year I’ll be leaving my nest in YG, a place that i’ve been with for a long time I have so much memories, looking back at the time we spent together. as i still 16 years old, i went to an audition with a dream that seemed reckless at the time. I able to joined YG, an agency i looked up to when i was young.

With helps of great people. I completed & released my first single 1,2,3,4 and album first love. The memories of everything that happened in my first day listened to my own voice in the recording studio. In October, when i was checking the album i released with my heart pounding. Time really goes fast it feels like everything just happened yesterday.

I thought time was going by so fast, even though i feel i just starting as a singer. From my first release one album until my third album, I was 17 years old and now i’m 24. It still feels like time going by so fast and i feel little sad. The times i spent will be a precious memories that i never forget. Of Course, it wasn’t always easy. but i think i have some luck on my side. I’ll never forget everyone who always work hard for me behind the scenes and feels like my friends & family. 

This is a decision i make after a long time thinking & agonizing. I sincerely thank many people of YG who supported my decision & new start. I’ll do my best to repay everyone with better music in the future. As i’m leaving the agency i spent 8 years, which is a long time, i’ll be thinking about choosing the next company i goes to, and i will share the good news  with you soon. I hope the new year will be filled with better things. 



In the Instagram message, Lee hi not only thankful for YG entertainment that she already spent 8 years with, but also plan to share more good news soon, we looking forward to Lee Hi next moves!


Lee Hi YG entertainment debut song 1,2,3,4 Music Video

Lee Hi officially debut under YG entertainment with 1,2,3,4 in 2012. Signed with the company after become a runner up in the 1st Season of Kpop Star. As a a part of YG entertainment, Lee Hi release 2 album, 1 EP, Several single & OST participation. Even though the amount was underwhelming but the quality is always there, Lee Hi songs top music charts when it release and well loved by general public.

Lee Hi YG Entertainment latest song No One feat B.I ofi iKON Music video

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What do you think of Lee Hi YG Entertainment part ways? We wish all the best wishes for Lee Hi, and look forward to Lee Hi moves in 2020!


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