Maddox Color Blind | New Single after Sign Here

Maddox is back! After competing in survival program AOMG Sign Here, Maddox is back with a new single, Maddox Color Blind.

Maddox Color Blind

Maddox rise this year as talented singer-producer-songwriter. This year, Maddox join a survival show by AOMG, AOMG Sign here. In the program Maddox is loved by AOMG producer/member & audience, going as far as the final. Now Maddox is back with his 2nd single titled Color Blind.

Maddox Color Blind Music Video

“In a world with so many beautiful things, I missed a lot of things because i just focused on one thing”. That’s Color Blind single description of Maddox that matches well with the lyrics (just turn on CC on Music video above). Maddox Voice and the music match really well, a harmony.



Maddox Lullaby feat Hoody prod by DJ Wegun Sign Here

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What do you think of Maddox new single? Does his music style suit your taste?


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