Takuwa with Sunghyun | Bibidi Babidi Boo with Rose De Penny

Bibidi Babidi Boo, remember Takuwa iconic verse on SMTM 8? The SMTM 7 semifinalist is back with a new single, Takuwa with Sunghyun that sounds really familiar.

Takuwa with Sunghyun

One of the biggest surprise contestant on SMTM 8, Takuwa is back with a new single! After only appear for a brief in SMTM 777, Takuwa keep surprising everyone by going as far as the semifinal/top 4 in this year SMTM 8. TMI : Takuwa name comes from the words = Otaku + Kawaii.

Takuwa with Sunghyun feat Rose De Penny Music Video

So, who is Sunghyun? Sunghyun is the real name of Rose De penny. Rose de Penny not only featured in Takuwa latest single but also Takuwa partner in the 4th round 1 vs 1 battle in SMTM 8. The songs lyric sound familiar right? It actually a full version of their SMTM 8 battle, with a new beat by Midas P & Jaydubb instead of using Boycold Ben Baller beat.



SMTM 8 Version of Takuwa with Sunghyun

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Listen & Purchase to Takuwa new single Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs


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