Cherry Coke Sticktogether | Feature ChoilB of WYBH

Continue her activities in 2019, Cherry Coke is back with a new single that features ChoilB of WYBH, Cherry Coke sticktogether.

Cherry Coke Stick Together

This year, Cherry coke not only been release music, but also join survival program AOMG SIgn Here. In the program, Cherry Coke didn’t goes far but nevertheless show her music to a broader audience. Now, Cherry Coke is back with a new song titled Sticktogether, let’s take a listen.

Cherry Coke Sticktogether feat ChoilB



Cherry Coke with Cloudybay AOMG SIgn Here performance

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What do you think of Cherry Coke new song? Does Cherry Coke music style suit your taste?


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