Los Snakes In The Grass | VMC 1st EP

Los is back! With his first EP after joining Vis Major Company. his music really does suit VMC Style, Los Snakes in the Grass.

Los Snake in the grass

VMC new artist Los is back with new music that really suit his new label music style, a match made in heaven. Los from LA have a new 8 track inside the EP Snakes in the Grass.TMI : Many artist also participate by appearing in LosĀ Big mad Music video, can you spot them?


Los snakes in the Grass Tracklist

  • Big mad
  • Ea$y
  • Kill That Noise feat Dok2
  • Snakes in The Grass feat Deepflow
  • Bounce feat Nucksal
  • Hustle feat Dok2
  • GLS feat Gray
  • Dream chaser feat Qsean & pH-1

Los Big Mad Music Video



Los Bounce feat Nucksal Dingo freestyle live clip

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Listen to Los Snakes in the Grass EP on Apple Music, Melon, Genie & Bugs



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