Damoim Imma do | New Christmas Carol of Damoim & Friends

naenyeonen jal dul geoya amadu taekbaega dochaghal geol amadu ~. Damoim Imma Do / 아마두/ is a christmas Carol made by the 84 line rapper & Friend.

Damoim Imma DO

Damoim is a project of DIngo Freestyle, where the powerful 84 liner friends : Simon Dominic, Yumdda, Paloalto, THe Quiett & Deepflow gather for a project. For this Imma Do project, they also call up their friends : Original Damoim member Huckleberry P, VMC fun rapper Nucksal, former AOMG Maknae Woo wonjae & BITION BOYZ  Keem Hyoeun.


Damoim Imma do

Is this a kpop group from the 90’s? Damoim goes old school concept for Imma do. Wearing all white, they make a hip hop track with verse from each member & friends. Produced by Noisemasterminsu, 아마두 also means maybe which a play of words with the English words ‘Imma Do’. The song is well loved by everyone, the song even goes to number 1 in melon music charts!



Damoim Imma DO Behind the Scene

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