IOAH Psychofetish | 1st EP of Wavy Producer

IOAH. When the signature sound drop, we know its gonna be awesome. Producer IOAH from Wavy is here with his 1st EP, IOAH Psychofetish.

IOAH Psychofetish

Producer IOAH join Wavy family last month Since then i’ve been anticipating of IOAH music consider every member of Wavy release music (Khakii & Jiwoo) after they join the family. Producer IOAH is working with multiple artist for the EP of Psychofetish.  Lets take a listen to the track.

IOAH Psychofetish tracklist

  • Intro
  • Testing feat Yunhway
  • Monamism with Hayake
  • Hub feat Kid Milli
  • Pseudoaneurysm
  • Salvation

4 out of 6 tracks inside Psycofetish EP is without any vocals/rap, a rare occasion in music industry but it give chance for us to dive deeper into IOAH music that release at the end of 2019, the end of the century.

Testing feat Yunhway audio



Colde Move prod by IOAH in Breakers

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