Crush From Midnight to Sunrise | 2nd Album of Crush

Crush is back! It’s been more than 5 years since Crush release the succesful Crush on You album. Now he’s back with a new album, Crush from Midnight to Sunrise.

Crush from Midnight to Sunrise

Crush already have a stellar career as musician. Since his official debut, he’s been releasing one hit song after another. Including for his latest album Midnight to Sunrise, which i believe gonna have more than one or two iconic songs, let’s take a listen to all 12 songs inside the album.

Crush From Midnight to Sunrise album tracklist

  • From Midnight to Sunrise
  • Wake Up feat Dean
  • Wonderlust feat Band wonderlust
  • With You
  • Alone
  • Tiki Taka feat DPR Live
  • Sunset
  • Butterfly
  • Ibiza
  • Cloth
  • Sleep No More
  • Nighty night feat Zion T

Each person time’s is different, Dawn could be the start of a day for one and could be the time to finish the day for someone else. Crush hope that his music can accompany you go through each day.

Crush Alone Music Video

Crush concept for this album is that he hope his music could be a comfort to other people just like music has been to him. Especially in the track alone where the lyrics : “When You Feel alone and darkness take over,I will always be here to hold you so you won’t be Alone, when the world seems to be full of sadness, i will be with you” 



Crush With You Music Video

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