King of Mask Singer Ep 231 | Vinxen charming voice

King of mask singer Ep 231 feature one of the most talented rapper in the industry, Vinxen! Vinxen is here to sing though, and he charm everyone with his voice.

King of Mask Singer ep 231

Last year, Vinxen / Lee Byungjae steal everyone heart with his sentimental rap, lyrics, voice & musicality in School rapper season 2. Now, Vinxen gonna charm everyone through his voice in King of Mask singer. Let’s check out Vinxen appearance in the program!.

Vinxen cover ‘Losing My Mind‘ (original Nell)

Vinxen 1st performance is a duet performing Losing My mind by Nell. Vinxen already cover this song inĀ  many occasion including when he appear as a guest on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook. 41 people (out of 100) votes for Vinxen in this round, not good enough to pass to the next round.



Vinxen maybe eliminated early in King of Mask singer ep 231 but we can witness more of Vinxen charms, his singing voice. Vinxen also been working really hard for his next album, looking forward to it!

Vinxen cover Tonight, I’m Afraid Of The Dark’ (Original 10 CM)

Bonus : Vinxen solve Rubik Cube

Make sure to follow Vinxen on Instagram : @Kiff_vinxen. If you want to watch King of Mask singer ep 231 english subs HERE



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