Reddy Vroom | New single by Reddy of Hilite Records

Reddy from Hilite records is back! After release the single Dress Code in April 2019, Reddy is back with a new track, Reddy Vroom.

Reddy Vroom

Reddy already debut in 2012 with the single Day & Night. The rapper from Hilite records already have more than 140 songs (include featurings) released, Reddy add one more to the list by release a long awaited new single titled Vroom

Reddy Vroom Music Video

Vroom is produced by Hilite producer Yosi. Reddy who also a huge fan of cars also add his own BMW E-30 (First car that he bought after become a musician) in the Music video for Vroom, a nice touch.



Bonus : Reddy ThanksgivingĀ feat Paloalto & Huckleberry P

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