Khakii Bass Remix | WIth Ahn Byungwoong & Leellamarz

Are you a fan of Wavy artist Khakii? Or a fan of his track Bass? Now we got a remix version with Ahn Byungwoong & Leellamarz! Khakii Bass Remix

Khakii Bass Remix

Khakii is a new member of Wavy family alongside Colde, Honno, Jiwoo & IOAH. Khakii officially debut last month on 24th of October 2019. Now Khakii back with a new project, A remix version of his debut song Bass with Ambition Musik’s Leellamarz & SMTM 8 contestant Ahn Byungwoong. “Baby watch out, that BASS gonna make the wave”

Khakii ‘Bass’ Remix feat Leellamarz & Ahn Byungwoong



Khakii Bass (Original Version) with Colde

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