Huckleberry P Chella | A Collaboration with Kim Park Chella

The rapper from Hilite records is back with a new maxi single. Continue the trend of previous project Grando Season, Huckleberry P Chella.

Huckleberry P Chella

Huckleberry P is one of the veteran in music industry, already debut in 2009 and freestyling for more, he continue the trend of working with one producer for his music, last time Grando Season with producer Yosi. TMI : Huckleberry P stage name come from the character of Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer Adventure : Huckleberry Finn, he actually doesn’t know the Finn word started with F (korean pronunciation) and instead use a P for his stage name.


Huckleberry P Chella tracklist

  • Rise of the Rebels feaet Fana
  • Walking Dead feat Young B, Paloalto & DJ Wrecx
  • Been through feat Sway D, G2, Reddy & Paloalto

Huckleberry P Works with producer Kim park chella for this album. Huckleberry P also plan to have a solo concert early next year on 11th of January 2020.

Huckleberry P Walking Dead feat Young B, Paloalto & DJ Wrecx



Huckleberry P & Fana Rise of the Rebels Live performance

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What do you think of Huckleberry P Chella? Does Huckleberry P & Kim Park Chella music style suit your taste?