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Rapper from clarity Crew Donutman have been having a resurgence recently through SMTM 8. Let’s check out Donutman profile.

Donutman profile

Donutman Profile


Why the stage name Donutman?

Before we start Donutman profile, why the stage name Donutman ?? It actually doesnt have any meaning When he join hip hop competition back in 2000’s he doesnt have a stage name yet then because he was standing beside J Dilla Donuts album the MC call him donutman TMI: Donutman actually doesnt even like donut

Donutman early activities | Debut

Donutman rose to hip hop scene on 2010 when he won hip hop competition and was sign to one of the biggest hip hop label back in 2000’s : Soul Company. First official track that Donutman featured is Crucial Star rebirth from Crucial Star EP A Star Goes Up in 2011. Donutman official debut gonna be on 2014 with a single album Welcome to the game.


Donutman 데려갈게 feat. The Quiett

Join SMTM 5, Donutman Mianhae

Beside got the nickname Donnie Yen. Donutman SMTM 5 journey have a lot of memorable moments. His diss battle against flowsik, team stage performance with fellow team Mad Clown & Gil. Last but not least is his elimination, when Mad Clown & Gil didn’t give him the Mic.



“Donutman Mianhae, Sorry i didnt gave you the mic!” That’s the lyric of Mommy Son Shonen Jump song that refer to the past SMTM 5 story.  Mommy Son invite him later to perform in the final performance of SMTM 777, so all iDonutms good.

Mommy Son Shonen Jump

Donutman Clarity Crew, Join SMTM 8.

Donutman is a part of Clarity Crew with Kidd King & Life of Hojj. This Year Donutman join SMTM 8 and reach as far as top 16, only lose against eventual winner Punchnello. Showing great performance in the process, including a diss battle against Chillin Homie.


Donutman x Punchnello

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Donutman profile is not over yet, we gonna keep it updated in the future!