Somdef Reality | New Hip hop track Feature Dok2 & Illson

Producer Somdef with Hip hop music? That just happenned through release of Somdef Reality single. The track feature Dok2 & Illson.

Somdef Reality

Last year, producer Somdef make a lot of R&B bops, including Somdef album ‘Some Definition of Love‘ working with artist such as Crush, Loco, Bewhy, Bravo, Hoody, George & Sumin. Now, Producer Somdef is back with different type of Music, featuring Dok2 & Illson


Somdef Reality feat Dok2 & Illson

Illson is the new stage name of veteran rapper Double K who have been working with Dok2 together recently. Reality is actually just a pre release track of upcoming Somdef album which gonna sound different compared to his previous works.



Bonus : Somdef One Plus One feat Loco & Bravo

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What do you think of Somdef new song? Does the Music style suit your taste?