Dynamic Duo Desperado & Career HIgh | Pre release

Dynamic Duo is ready for a new album! But before they release full album Off duty, they release a new song, Dynamic Duo Desperado & Career High.

Dynamic Duo Desperado

Dynamic Duo is one of the veteran of Korean Hip hop industry, already debut in 2004. IN the span of 15 years Dynamic Duo already have & feature in more than 200 tracks (Not including Choiza & Gaeko solo music). The head of Amoeba culture also plan to release a full album titled Off Duty soon! For now, let’s take a listen at the pre release track through Dynamic Duo Garage Live.


Dynamic Duo Desperado

The two song release under Amoeba Culture & Dynamic Duo new project Garage live with DJ Friz. There’s actually gonna be 4 part of this project before the actual album release on 26th of November 2019.



Dynamic Duo Career HIgh feate Nafla, Paloalto & chancellor

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What do you think of Dynamic Duo Desperado & Career High? Excited for the new album!