Bewhy Dejavu Group | Producer Viann as the New Artist

Bewhy Dejavu Group! After working as ooe man label/agency for quite some time, Dejavu group announce they gonna be an official label and recruit new artist.

Bewhy Dejavu Group

SMTM 5 winner Bewhy have been exclusively working as one man agency. Already release 2 album with hit tracks, Bewhy now gonna make the agency public to an official record label. Dejavu Group first move is to sign new artist : Producer Viann.


Producer Viann as the new artist of Dejavu Group

The 1st artist to join Bewhy Dejavu Group is producer Viann! Already produce track for Kitti B backĀ  in 2015. Viann also won Korean Hip hop Awards (KHA) 2019 in the category of Underrated hip hop album of the year in a collaboration album with ODEE of VMC. Producer Viann also gonna debut with new family by release The BakerĀ Album on 23rd of November 2019.



Bewhy Dejavu group interview

Make sure to follow Bewhy, Dejavu group & Producer Viann on Instagram : @Bewhy.meshasoulja, @dejavugroup.official @Badassviann



We gonna keep an update of the agency & artists in the future! Look Forward to their next move.




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