PUP Love is All Double Single | ΔZΠΟ2 Crew

PUP from Azno2 crew is back with a new single album. The rapper from ΔZΠΟ2 Crew have been busy in 2019, lets take a listen to her new single album, PUP Love is All.

PUP Love is All

PUP debut in 2017 with a track titled i’m Not Sorry. The member of ΔZΠΟ2 Crew also join this year SMTM 8 but she didn’t got much airtime and eliminated early in the program. Have been busy in 2019 with EP titled Anything, now PUP is back again with a double single titled Love is all.

PUP Love is All tracklist


  • 별이 돼줄게 prod by Cash Note of Azno2
  • 싶어 feat Kidd King

PUP 별이 돼줄게 prod by Cash Note Music Video



My personal favorite track of PUP 어디가 꿈속이죠

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What do you think PUP Love is All? Does her music style suit your taste?