D.O Blaze | Feature Deepflow, Nucksal & Jinbo

D.O is back! SMTM 2 Producer Lee Hyundo is back with a new track after 2 years. D.O Blaze feature Deepflow Nucksal & Jinbo.

D.O Blaze

D.O is a living legend of korean hip hop. Starting from the 90’s when he work with Kim Sungjae that known as legendary duo Deux. It’s been 2 years since D.O release his own music, the last time was on 2017 with Loco titled Falling down. Now the legendary producer is back with a track that feature Deepflow, Nucksal & Jinbo


D.O Blaze feat Deepflow, Nucksal & Jinbo



Bonus : Changmo, The Quiett & Dok2 produced by D.O

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What do you think of D.O new track? Does D.O music style suit your taste?