Dindin Goodbye My Twenties album | Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dindin!! Dindin release a new song on his birthday 20th of November 2019, Dindin Goodbye My Twenties.

Dindin Goodbye My Twenties

THe rapper that debut on 2013 already have more than 90 tracks (Include featuring) over the years. Despite having both career as musician & entertainer, Dindin have been successful in both endeavor. The latter one is Dindin that just join the cast of prime time variety show 2 days 1 night. The former one is what he just release recently Goodbye my twenties, an album that include 20 songs.

Dindin Goodbye my twenties album tracklist

  • Intro Goodbye my twenties
  • Paradise feat Stella Jang.
  • Malibu feat GRAY
  • Bling Bling feat Viini & Reddy
  • Liar feat Lyn
  • Ssdd
  • Lonely
  • Falling Down feat Lee Won seok of Daybreak
  • Goodbye
  • Breathe feat Sandeul of B1A4
  • This NIght (2019 version)
  • Hannam Gang feat Bang Yongguk & Sleepy
  • How Much feat Mommy Son
  • Initial D  feat Deepflow & Dbo
  • Leepy & Dindin feat Sleepy
  • Delight
  • Dindin is DIndin feat Hanhae & Greg
  • The beautiful flower feat Kim Boa
  • You Still left on my shirt
  • Outro thanks to 

Several track inside the album already pre released before, build up our excitement towards this album. Dindin maybe an entertainer who love to joke around but when it comes to music he create a well thought album from the 1st to last track. Here’s a few track that Dindin release (and Pre released).

Dindin Liar feat Lyn Music Video

Dindin Fallin Down feat Lee Won seok of Daybreak



Dindin Breathe feat Sandeul of B1A4

Dindin Malibu feat GRAY

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