Damoim Forever 84 | Powerful 84 Friendship

Latest project in collaboration with  Dingo Freestyle, same age rapper of 84 liners collaborate for a new track, Damoim Forever 84.

Damoim Forever 84

Despite the surge of new young rapper in the Industry, there’s a generation of rapper that still really influential in the industry. Former AOMG co CEO Simon Dominic, VMC CEO Deepflow, Hilite Records CEO Paloalto, Illionaire Records CEO The Quiett & the epitome of Flex Yumdda. Their friendship goes way back from the 2000’s when everyone still using MSN messenger instead of Social media, now they collaborate for a new track Forever 84.


Damoim Forever 84 Music Video

Produced by Unsinkable, the track Forever 84 is just a first part of more project of Damoim. There’s a series of episode that you can watch through Dingo Freestyle that share behind the scene of this track, including the fun behind the scene of Forever 84 Music Video. TMI : Damoim is a messenger app that were widely used in South Korea back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.



Check out how They know each other

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