Crush Profile | Doyou father with Honey voice

Shin Hyoseob or more known with his stage name Crush is a singer with a sweet honey voice & a musician that always explore new things. Check out Crush profile.

Crush Profile

Crush Profile

Name : Shin Hyoseob
Date of Birth : 3rd of May 1992
Height : 174 cm
Crew : VV:D , Club Eskimo. Fanxychild
Agency : P nation
Instagram : Apple Music ; spotify

Why the stage name Crush?

Before we Start Crush profile, where the stage name coming from? His stage name at the beginning is actually C-sub. but he have band handwriting so his friend keep mispronounce it as Crush. That’s why his stage name is Crush


Pre debut : Debut with Cheetah

Crush profile start before he even debut, He’s actually auditioned for a big music company! On a trailer of YG Treasure Box. Yang Hyunsuk reveal that Crush was auditioning for YG Entertainment. Crush actually been a trainee on several entertainment industry (even debut in one!) before become a singer that we all know today. TMI : Crush always want to be a singer since he’s a kid, he even sang at Karaoke for hours.



Crush actually debut as a part of hip hop duo Masterpiece with Cheetah. With the track titled rollercoaster, they debut in 2012 but never took off.

Masterpiece ‘Rollercoaster’


Meet Zion T, VV:D & Amoeba Culture

Crush bump into up & rising Zion T back in 2012, the two of them become close afterwards. Crush join VV:D Crew that have a member of powerful musician : Zion T, Crush, ELO, Gray & Loco. Crush also debut as a solo artist later that year on December 2012 with a track Red Dress.



Crush join Amoeba Culture. featuring in the top artist of Amoeba Culture such as in Zion T Two Melodies, Dynamic Duo LIfe is good & Supreme team Stay Still.

Crush featured in Supreme Team Stay still 


Crush on You, Top Music charts, duo with Zion T

Crush Amoeba Culture debut album in 2014 is a huge success! Beside the title track Hug Me. there’s also track such as Sometimes & Whatever you do which become a hit as well. Beside top music charts, Crush on You also win best R&B & Soul album from Korean Music awards 2015. TMI : There’s also more hit track including Sofa.


Crush also work as a duo with Zion T. Both of them collaborate for the hit song Just, perform together in music shows, radio, concerts & events. The duo is inseparable, or at least that’s what Crush & everyone else thought. Zion T Decide to part ways with Amoeba Culture and join The Black Label, which break many hearts, including Crush. They already have their reunion now and become friends once again.



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